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Welcome Winter Sunset

Sherry is a very gifted psychic with 38 years of experience. She is also an ordained minister. She is extremely accurate with her readings and helping solve your life problems or concerns. She is availible for readings in person, over the internet or by telephone.(You choose!) Sherry takes her gift very seriously and wants to help people with problems on thier life path. Sherry is also a psychic medium. With the help of God and her spirit guides she is able to connect to love ones who have passed. This can be a remarkable healing experience for people who are mourning the loss of a loved one. We have learned over the years that it takes about 30 minutes to to answer all of your questions and concerns. We would like you to feel enlightened when your reading is complete.

You can contact Sherry for a reading, person to person, over the phone or via the internet! Call or e-mail Sherry to set up a date and time for your reading.

You can use Paypal for credit card payment or send in a check or money order!

Internet Special!!!! 

Only $65.00 per session!!!

(normal rate is $90.00 per session)

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Please call for an appointment or for more information:

(909) 349-1585

You can also e-mail Sherry at


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You can e-mail us at: